About the author
I was born in April 6, 1980

I have a Primary School in Lipa near Havlickuv Brod and a Secondary Education in Kutna Hora where I was trained as a gardener. I am a member of the movement Amnestyl International and I was also a member of Greenpeace and the Party of Hope.

At the beginning of my progress I was a graphoman. As the time went by, I became a poet. My poems have appeared in Rising Star Almanac 2004, Love Poetry, Poets of the Third Millennium, Lipske lists.

I worked in gardening in Klanecne and in Lipnice.

Bulletin Fokus Highlands, Highlands Newspapers, Road of Highlands, Dog?s Wine, Pandora.

Broumov Almanac in 2004 and 2005.

Few pieces in Kutna hora where I public every year from 3 years ago.

In February 2005 I had a poem in Green Feathers ? the radio Vltava.

In 2004 then President of Senate, Petr Pithart, sent me a letter.

I also appeared in the magazine Host. He wrote me that he liked the poem Javor ? I have there unused poetic creations since then and he admired that.

Otherwise, I was written about in a newspaper Mlada Fronta and in a newspaper Highlands. I consider people as a subject of philosophy.

I had a photo exhibition in 1999, 2003, 2005 in Havl.Brod. Photo expozition 2006 ? in autumn in Horacke theatre in Jihlava. I take pictures where there is an energy. I have been interested in photographs since the Primary School.

I have epilepsy and schizofrenia, therefore I am on a Social Support.

I worked in Fokus highland among forest workers and in the horticulture Tomasek.

I am a member of the club Quo Vadis and also of a vzdorospolek. At present I work in the Krestans? horticulture.

My room has been painted by Luke Henzl, academic painter.

When I started taking pictures, I walked round my native village Petrkov near Havlickuv Brod.

I can speak English, German, Polish.